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Claim a Myth

Of myths and legends I believe

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Welcome to Claim a Myth, where you can claim a myth, a god, or a goddess.


1) Check the claims list first. At the moment there are unlimited claims amounts. Meaning: you can claim as much as you want. But only one person can claim each myth/god/goddess.

2)Once approved, please post the claim you’ve made plus a link to the community in your user info.

3) The Christian god, Jesus, and anything related to the Christian Bible will be allowed. You can claim any myth you want at all.

4) You must be a member and post your claim in a separate post. If you leave the community you lose your claim.

5) When posting please post what myth/god/goddess you want and from what mythology they are from. For exampled: Loki/God/Norse Mythology. See simple isn’t it?

Claiming Banners

Feel free to ask me to make a banner once your claim has been approved. Just request in your entry that you’d like a banner and I’d be happy to make one for you.